Music and Worship Arts

El Shaddai Music and Worship Arts Ministries under the direction of Minister of Music, Anica Jones, is made up of saved and anointed dancers and choir members, skilled musicians, inspiring drama presentations, soul stirring signing ministry and powerful praise and worship singers.  At El Shaddai, we attempt to fill the Lord's House with a cloud as the scriptures talk about in 2 Chronicles 5:12-14.

We understand that our Gift can only be Ministry and effective when we have a relationship with God, which is what makes the difference.
MAWAM Mission Statement:  We are committed to enhancing gifts and seeking spiritual and musical excellence.  Our goal is to equip our members spiritual and musical skills thereby creating an atmosphere in which hearts are prepared to receive from God. 
 Worship Arts
Adult Choir 
Combined Choir 
Men's Choir 
Liturgical Dance 
Youth Choir 
House Band
Praise & Worship
Step Team 

Contact our Minister of Music by e-mail (MAWAM Department), or call (785) 232-5754 Ext. 16.